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What is a Skin Tag?

A Skin Tag is a fairly common and benign soft growth of skin that will appear on a stalk or peduncle. The Skin Tag itself is composed of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels which are surrounded by skin. 

The main contributors for the development of Skin Tags include:

  • Areas of Skin Fold and Friction 
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal Change
  • Age
  • Insulin Resistance and Diabetes 
  • Obesity 

The size of a Skin Tag can range from a few millimetres to up to five centimetres in diameter. 

it’s sensible to see a doctor to get any Skin Tags checked out, especially for the following:

  • New Skin Tags or growing rapidly
  • Large Skin Tags or become painful
  • Change in appearance

Words from our Patients

Skin Tag Removal Clinic London

At Revitalise London Dermatology Clinic, Skin Tag Removal is a minor procedure carried out by Plastic Surgeons to remove a Skin Tag.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Skin Tag Removal

There are two main types of Skin Tag removal procedures:
  • Excision: This is the most common type of Skin Tag removal. This is a minor surgery under local anaesthetic where the doctor will carefully remove the Skin Tag with a scalpel.
  • Cryotherapy: This procedure is typically only used for a very specific Skin Tag Growth. If the Skin Tag is completely superficial and does not exist under the skin surface, your surgeon may suggest using extreme cold to freeze the Skin Tag.

Skin Tag Removal Treatment Option

Each technique has its own use case and would be selected based on size, location and quantity of Skin Tags.

Pain Free Skin Tag removal is typically done under local anaesthetic and this means that only the area around the Skin Tag will be numb.

Recovery from Skin Tag removal is quick and painless. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for the incision site, such as keeping it clean and dry.

Top Dermatologists for Skin Tag Removal

The possibilities at a Skin Tag removal clinic London can offer could benefit you in many ways. The Skin Tag could bother you in some way, whether it is unpleasant, painful or growing in a way which bothers you.

  • Cosmetically: Large or prominent Skin Tags can be unsightly and affect one’s self esteem.
  • Discomfort and Irritation: Skin Tags in areas which could be prone to friction could become irritated or painful.
  • Preventative Measures: Removing a Skin Tag could prevent future discomfort or complications, this is even more relevant if your Skin Tag frequently catches on clothing or jewellery.

After removal, it will be unlikely to ever return. In fact, we have a 12-month Excision Guarantee that it will not return!

Our quick and effective treatment will leave you with blemish-free, painless skin with no scarring. Post-procedure, a patient will never worry about the treated area.

Our Skin Tag Removal in London will help to improve self-esteem and restore self-confidence. This will allow you to continue living your best life without fear of judgement!

Book a consultation with one of our expert dermatologist or plastic surgeons at our Harley Street Clinic and let us help to restore your self-confidence and help reach your body goals.

Skin Tag Removal Prices

At Revitalise London, we can offer both Surgical & Non-Surgical Skin Tag Removal Options. The Skin Tag Removal Prices are as follows:
Consultation Fee: £95
CryoTherapy: £145 per Skin Tag
Excision Fee: £395 to £895

The consultation fee is waived if procedure is carried out, and the cost of Skin Tag removal can vary. Genital Skin Tag removal London prices could differ, similarly to Eyelid tag removal London.

  • Surgeon’s experience and qualifications: Our Skin Tag Removal Service is led by board-certified Plastic surgeons and the top dermatologists for Skin Tag removal with extensive experience in Skin Tag removals.
  • Plastic Surgeons-Supported: We have a team of internationally renowned plastic surgeons who provide support to our dermatology team for more complex removal cases. Plastic Surgeons are often preferred when the patient is particularly sensitive to scarring.
  • Quick, Easy and Same-Day Removal: We are able to offer a rapid same-day removal of Skin Tags due our three fully supported surgical rooms here at our Harley Street and Westfield Clinic.

Skin Tag Removal Clinical Assessment

The Skin Tag Removal Programme has been designed by leading surgeons and dermatologists for your comfort and convenience.

Step 1) Consultation and Assessment: During your Skin Tag removal clinical assessment, Our Skin Tag Removal Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons work collaboratively to determine the most effective treatment plan.

During the consultation, the doctor will recommend the most effective pain-free removal technique. If your doctor is happy, you may proceed with treatment immediately after the consultation.

Step 2) Procedure and Post-Care: Our surgeries are always carried out by industry leading Plastic Surgeons. You treatment will be pain-free and Aesthetically Excellent.

We will then provide detailed after-care instructions depending on your Skin Tag Removal Treatment option and gain access to your own dedicated patient line which is open every day for your convenience.