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The purpose of skin lightening is to reduce the high melanin content of the skin. Since the build-up of melanin generates dark spots and uneven skin tone, a therapy to eliminate it will result in a lighter complexion.

A therapy that lightens the skin will reduce the appearance of melasma, sun damage, freckles, and other markings.

Melanin is responsible for the colour of your skin, and increased melanin production results in darker skin. The antioxidants employed in our Skin Brightening IV Drip prevent melanin synthesis.

Generalised full body brightening treatment involves detoxification of the liver, resulting in cleaner blood, allowing you to achieve brighter skin with a natural glow.

Targeted brightening is designed to treat specific areas of body such as face, neck, elbows, knees, hands, feet, and ankles. For this, we provide a variety of treatments which includes lasers, mesopeels, mesotherapy, and alkaline wash.

Treatment Protocol

Revitalise London utilises Vitamin drips that often include glutathione, collagen and vitamin C. These ingredients are very beneficial for both enhancing the skin and delaying aging.

Glutathione is a chemical that occurs naturally in the human body. It is composed of three amino acids and contributes to our body’s detoxification (along with many other critical cellular processes). Aesthetically, it will inhibit the synthesis of melanin thus lightening and whitening the skin throughout the whole body.

The collagen component of a vitamin drip is responsible for the plumping, increase skin firmness, and promote radiance. Meanwhile Vitamin C acts as a rejuvenating agent by encouraging the production of new collagen and making the skin more smooth, radiant, and youthful.

Laser therapy is a unique treatment that gives off a single and very specific wavelength of light, which is targeted to rule out specific skin treatment concerns.

Laser treatment has the capacity to remove dark spots, and these devices help break down the dense melanin pigment that leads to discolourations.

Mesotherapy instantly improves dull, tired-looking skin and is also used to address dark circles, and facilitates skin glow.

A typical mesotherapy cocktail will contain over 50 high-quality ingredients to nourish, repair, and rejuvenate your skin.

Mesopeels are the most cutting-edge variety of chemical peels available. To ensure safety of all our clients we work very closely with medical professionals which ensures safe, effective, flexible, and adaptive to get an exponential and individualised outcome.

A variety of single substance peels based on varying concentrations of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Our mixed formulae provides a synergy of chemical exfoliants with active substances for specific skin indications.

This method is highly effective for treating pigmentation issues, including dark spots by alkalising the area beforehand.

Melanin inhibitors and skin-lightening products will act quickly and efficiently. Alkaline wash is a very efficient and adaptable skin remodeling procedure that produces dramatic effects in a short time.

We have found the alkaline wash to be an effective treatment for skin lightening, acne, and pigmentation.

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