Non-Surgical Lifting

Non-surgical facelifting and skin tightening have become more popular as the trend has shifted toward non-invasive therapies.

These treatments are less intrusive than surgical procedures and may have comparable effects in reducing wrinkles and fine lines as well as enhancing skin texture.

The procedure is painless, fast, and needs little recovery time. There is a wide range of non-invasive techniques available to treat several cosmetic concerns, including the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, thinning lips, sunken cheeks, large pores, acne scars, and a loss of facial volume without having to undergo surgery.

The lifting procedures may be used with other aesthetic improvement solutions to give your physique and skin a rejuvenating boost.

At Revitalise London, we are amongst the first clinics in the UK to offer non-surgical skin-lifting treatments. Our advanced treatment techniques have been designed with years of experience under our belt and are personalized for every person’s facial profile.

It’s guaranteed to turn the clock back and give your face and neck a physical and emotional uplift.

Our Treatments are backed by scientific studies, and we take full responsibility for our results.Don’t Delay, We are only one click away!Start your journey From Conscious to Confident.

Non-Surgical lift treatments starting from £250

Speak to one of our specialist consultants and get the treatment which is right for you with an additional 20% off.

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Our team of Doctors and Practitioners have decades of experience under their belt. In fact, some of our Practitioners are also master trainers in aesthetic medicine procedures. Having successfully treated thousands of patients over the years, you can be rest assured that you are in the safest of hands at LARC.

Our mission is to deliver superior quality service and patient care, as well as unmatched results. That’s why all of our treatment protocols are 100% results based and backed by years of scientific research which played a significant role in devising our exclusive treatment protocols.

Our unmatched aftercare not only ensures that our patients benefit from enhanced results, but also helps in avoiding post treatment complications. From your first phone call to your final visit, we want you to feel like you are being taken care of

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We take full responsibility for our results, honor our commitments, and take pride in offering scientifically approved and advanced treatments.

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    I went for a consultation with Dr Ahmad about my skin and face. The doctor told me the best options for my face and I decided to trust the doctor with his recommendation. The results were very rewarding.

    The full team was very understanding and good company. Their communication was good.

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    I had face lift threads done in the Harley Street clinic. Dr Ahmad was fabulous. You will feel like the only one that matter. You can see his work is his passion and he cares about the outcome deeply. I recommend the clinic and will be coming back for more treatments.

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    The doctor explained absolutely everything to me, my treatment plan and explained in depth what the process and the outcome would be. So far extremely happy and super excited to see the final results. The doctor was very kind and caring, I would definitely recommend.

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