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Body contouring involves redefining the shape of various parts of the body and is more than just fat reduction. Here at Revitalise London we have spent years perfecting our protocols to give you that defined and toned appearance , by not just reducing fat , but also tightening the skin, and toning the muscle.

We use multiple technologies, to freeze the fat, melt the fat, and dissolve the fat, as well tighten the skin and then finally give you muscle definition. With over 15 years experience and the world’s most advanced contouring machines available our results are unmatched by other clinics. We are t he industry leaders and experts in body contouring.

Our Treatments are backed by scientific studies, and we take full responsibility for our results.Don’t Delay, We are only one click away!Start your journey From Conscious to Confident.

Body Contouring treatments starting from £295

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Types of treatments for Body contouring


This process destroys fat cells in the body safely, effectively and non-invasively using low frequency ultrasound waves.


Non-Surgical Skin Tightening in combination with Non-Surgical Body Contouring at Revitalise London is achieved by the use of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), RF (Radiofrequency) as well as HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology) muscle sculpting.

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This exclusive technique is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.

A single session allows for thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are crucial in improving the tone and strength of your muscles. The most advance technology to enter the nonsurgical fat-reduction fold. Up till now there was no other device out there that actually tones or builds muscles. EMS works by causing thousands of muscles contractions in just 30 minutes,


This is a non-invasive process which involves freezing body fat to break fat cells. This results in a decrease in body fat without injuring the other tissues.

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    I went for a consultation with Dr Ahmad about my skin and face. The doctor told me the best options for my face and I decided to trust the doctor with his recommendation. The results were very rewarding.

    The full team was very understanding and good company. Their communication was good.

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    I had face lift threads done in the Harley Street clinic. Dr Ahmad was fabulous. You will feel like the only one that matter. You can see his work is his passion and he cares about the outcome deeply. I recommend the clinic and will be coming back for more treatments.

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    The doctor explained absolutely everything to me, my treatment plan and explained in depth what the process and the outcome would be. So far extremely happy and super excited to see the final results. The doctor was very kind and caring, I would definitely recommend.

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