Laser Nail Fungal Treatment

Same Day Laser Nail Fungal Treatment- London

Laser Nail Fungal Removal

Toenail fungus is a fungal infection beneath the nail that causes the nail to yellow and thicken. This infection might spread to other toenails if left untreated. While most over-the-counter treatments for foot fungus offer limited relief or require multiple applications over weeks or months to eradicate the infection, toenail fungus laser treatment can be completed in as little as one session and has a track record of successfully treating this unsightly condition.

The lasers therapies are used to remove nail fungus target the organisms under the nail without harming the surrounding skin and tissue.

Here at Revitalise London, we combine Nd: YAG laser and Q-Switched laser therapy together to kill the spores in nail and in the nail bed. We have consistently achieved a success rate of over 90%.

Go swimming, go barefoot on the beach, or go anywhere else with confidence and feel comfortable, all due to the high success rate of our immense double laser treatment for fungal removal.

Our Treatments are backed by scientific studies, and we take full responsibility for our results.Don’t Delay, We are only one click away!Start your journey From Conscious to Confident.

Fungal treatments starting from £295

Speak to one of our specialist consultants and get the nail fungus treatment which is right for you.

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Our team of Doctors and Practitioners have decades of experience under their belt. In fact, some of our Practitioners are also master trainers in aesthetic medicine procedures. Having successfully treated thousands of patients over the years, you can be rest assured that you are in the safest of hands at Revitalise London.