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Our proven surgical treatments remove facial, body, and genital warts fast. We’ve successfully treated over 6,600 clients. That’s why we guarantee to remove 100% of your wart – pain free and on the same day you book in.

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We offer 4 different treatments: freezing, cautery, surgical excision and yag laser treatment. All are quick, painless and scientifically proven to work. 

Your specialist will examine your wart(s) in your initial consultation and advise a recommended treatment dependent on your unique condition.

Treatments start from just £249 – that includes your treatment and aftercare. It’s a small investment to transform your skin and confidence. Plus, it saves you from ever having to buy creams and ointments again.

Many of our clients actually save money in the long run!

Our clinic is located on the famous Harley Street, London. 

Our exact address is: 96 Harley St, London, W1G 9QY.

Yes, we do. Our specialists can remove your warts from your face, body, feet and genitals. There’s no wart we can’t help you remove from your body.  

We’ve performed over 6,600 successful treatments over the past 14 years. We have a 5-star rating. And with the best doctors, practitioners, and specialists in the UK, why would you choose to go anywhere else?

Remove Your Warts - Permanently

As you probably know, warts can be painful, persistent, and unsightly. 

Worse yet, some warts are resistant to traditional treatments like creams and acids. That means they can continue to grow and spread for years, potentially affecting loved ones and completely ruining lives.

That’s why you need to remove warts as quickly as possible.

At Revitalise London, we use proven surgical treatments which remove stubborn warts fast – even if every other topical treatment has failed.

Our qualified specialists have performed over 6,600 successful treatments.

That’s why we can guarantee to remove your wart on the same day as your consultation. You’re in and out within the hour. Better yet, if your wart somehow grows back within a year after surgery, we’ll remove it for free. 

Don’t spend another day with infectious warts you hate. 

Remove them fast with one of our proven treatments today.

A Bespoke Treatment Guaranteed To Work For You

We don’t treat your warts with topical, ineffective creams.Instead, we use a bespoke surgical plan, which guarantees to work.Everything takes place in just one session at our London based clinic.Our specialists will examine your warts, and advise a recommended treatment dependent on your unique condition. They’ll talk you through how it works and if you’re happy to go ahead, they’ll perform the surgery for you.That means you’ll lose the warts you haven’t been able to remove for years. You’ll feel more confident in your skin. And you’ll say goodbye to ineffective treatments, body anxieties, and wart-related worries for good.

Laser Scar Removal Clinic London

Our team is made up of the most experienced doctors, practitioners, and wart-removal specialists in the UK. Between us, we have over 100 year’s experience, and have performed more than 6,600 successful treatments. 

Our patients have rated our Revitalise London Clinic as 5-star.

Plus, our aftercare service is what makes our service truly remarkable. 

We’ll check in with you after your surgery, offer tips and guidance, and ensure you have everything you need to get total freedom from your warts. 

You won’t find better treatment anywhere else in the UK. 

Take your first step to life-changing wart removal results today.

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We take full responsibility for our results, honor our commitments, and take pride in offering scientifically approved and advanced treatments.