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At Revitalise London, we understand how gynecomastia (male breast tissue enlargement) can have a profound effect on your self-confidence and overall wellbeing. Our compassionate and highly skilled medical team is dedicated to offering safe, efficient, and personalized gynecomastia treatments right here in central London.

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Our clinic boasts an exceptional medical team led by Dr. Otouke, a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience performing male breast reduction procedures. Our staff of professionals strive to stay abreast of the most recent advancements in Gynecomastia treatment to guarantee the best possible outcomes for our clients. Success Stories: Through our advanced Gynecomastia treatments, countless men have gained confidence and improved their quality of life. Read our patient testimonials to hear their inspiring stories and witness the life-altering outcomes we've achieved.Industry Recognitions: Revitalise London has earned a reputation for its commitment to patient care, safety and excellence. We are proud that we have earned accreditation from the CQC, guaranteeing you the highest standard of healthcare at our clinic.

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Gynecomastia - Understanding the Condition and Its Negative Affect

Gynecomastia is an increasingly common condition affecting men of all ages, characterised by the development of excess breast tissue. This can have both physical and psychological repercussions, such as:Physical discomfort or painPoor postureLow self-esteemAnxiety and depressionDifficulty with social and professional interactionsAt Revitalise London, we understand the importance of addressing gynecomastia for our patients' overall wellbeing. That is why we provide comprehensive treatment solutions designed to restore a more masculine appearance and boost confidence levels.

Discover All Your Gynecomastia Treatment Options At Revitalise London.

We provide a personalised approach to treating gynecomastia. Let us assess your individual needs and goals so that we can provide the most appropriate treatment option for you.Hormone Therapy: Our medical team will assess your hormonal levels and may suggest hormone therapy to restore balance and reduce breast tissue.Liposuction: In cases where excess fat is contributing to a condition, liposuction can be used to eliminate the unwanted tissue and shape up your chest area.Surgery Breast Reduction: For more severe cases, our surgeons may suggest a surgical breast reduction to eliminate excess glandular tissue and reshape the chest.At your initial consultation, each treatment option will be carefully assessed and discussed to find the most suitable choice for your individual situation.

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What causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia can be caused by various factors, such as hormonal imbalances, certain medications and medical conditions. In some cases, the exact cause may remain unknown. At your consultation with our medical team, they will assess your individual situation to identify any potential causes and create a tailored treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

Are You a Good Candidate for Gynecomastia Treatment?

Ideal candidates for this procedure are men in good overall health, at or near their ideal weight, and with realistic expectations about the outcome. Our trained medical team will carefully evaluate your individual circumstances to determine if gynecomastia treatment is right for you.

What is the recovery process after Gynecomastia treatment?

Depending on which treatment option is chosen, patients can expect a speedier recovery with most returning to daily activities within one week. On the other hand, surgical breast reduction typically requires a longer recovery period of 2-4 weeks before patients gradually resume normal activities as advised by our medical team. We provide detailed post-operative care instructions and support throughout this entire journey.

How long will the results last?

Gynecomastia treatment typically produces long-lasting effects. However, factors like significant weight changes, hormonal shifts or medication usage could potentially impact these results. Our medical team will discuss the expected longevity of your treatment outcome during your consultation and offer advice on maintaining those results.

Are there any risks associated with gynecomastia treatment?

Like any medical procedure, there can be potential risks involved. These could include infection, bleeding, scarring or changes in nipple sensation. At Revitalise London our skilled medical team takes every precaution to reduce these risks and guarantee your safety throughout the treatment process. During your consultation we'll go over any potential hazards in detail and answer any queries you may have.

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    “The doctor explained absolutely everything to me; my treatment plan and explained in depth what the process and the outcome would be. So far, I’m extremely happy! The doctor was very kind and caring, I would definitely recommend.”

    Yetunde Oyegunle

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    “A great experience at Revitalise London! The doctors and practitioners are extremely helpful, respectful and nice!! They talk you through every single treatment process, make you feel welcome and relaxed, and they actually care about you helping you achieve what you came for.”

    Aisatu Aisha

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    “Extremely happy coming to Revitalise London to have treatment. Nothing worked for me at all, even after attending a private dermatologist. But this has significantly improved my skin.”

    Abdulahi Ahmed

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The Value of a Comprehensive Consultation

A comprehensive consultation is the first step in your gynecomastia treatment journey. During this appointment, our medical team will:Evaluate Your Medical HistoryPerform a Physical ExaminationDiscuss Your Goals and ExpectationsExplain Treatment Options in DetailAnswer Any Questions you May Have.At Revitalise London, our comprehensive approach ensures you are well informed and secure in your decision to pursue gynecomastia treatment.

The Psychological Advantages of Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia can have a significant effect on someone's mental health and well-being. By offering effective treatments, we hope to provide our patients with numerous psychological advantages, such as:Improved Self-Esteem: Many men with gynecomastia suffer from low self-esteem due to the appearance of their chest. Our treatment options can help restore a more masculine physique, increasing self-assurance in the process.Reduced Anxiety and Depression: Gynecomastia can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression in those living with it. By treating the condition, our clients often find relief from these negative emotions and enjoy an improved quality of life. Enhancing Social and Professional Interactions: Gynecomastia can make it difficult to feel at ease in social or professional situations. Our treatments can help you feel more at ease in these settings, improving interpersonal relationships in the process.

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Revitalise London's Commitment to Patient Care and Satisfaction

At Revitalise London, our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing the higest level Gynecomastia treatments. We strive to provide a holistic patient experience that guarantees your comfort and satisfaction throughout every step of the process. When you choose us for your Gynecomastia needs, you can expect Comprehensive Consultations. We take the time to understand your objectives, respond to any queries you have, and give comprehensive details about your treatment options. Customised Treatment Plans: Our specialists create tailored treatment plans to meet your individual requirements and deliver optimal outcomes.Accessible, Convenient Location. Our London-based clinic is easily reachable via public transportation and offers flexible appointment scheduling to fit into your busy lifestyle. Ongoing Support and Aftercare. Our experienced team is here to guide you throughout every step of your treatment journey, from initial consultation through postoperative care and beyond.

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