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Trusted & Expert Eyelid Skin Tag Removal Doctors

Eye Lid Skin tags are small growths of skin that hang from around the area close to the eyes.

 At Revitalise London healthcare, our Oculoplastic surgeons will be able to diagnose and remove your skin tag from around the eye on the same day.

Although Eye skin tags are generally no different from a normal skin tag, here at Revitalise London healthcare – London dermatology clinics, we only use occuloplastic surgeons who specialise in the skin surrounding the eye to do such surgeries due to the complex anatomy surrounding the eye and eyelids.

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Treatment of Eye Skin Tags:

Eye Skin tags are removed the same way as normal skin tags for example by freezing (cryotherapy), burning, or cutting. The oculoplastic surgeon carrying out your procedure will decide which is the best method to remove your eye skin tag with minimal discomfort keeping in mind the best possible cosmetic results.

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Eyelid Skin Tag Removal at Harley Street With State Of The Art Facilities

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    “Friendly, professional and gentle. I had a skin tag removed which was close to my eye. It was painless and they were so caring they calmed my nerves. Thank you to the doctor and nurse”


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    I had a great experience consultant was very friendly very good experience.

    Isabella Seera

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    This clinic - just a very right place for everyone. Great doctor , positive team, clean and nice place . I can highly recommend Revitalise London clinic.


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