• Body Contouring

    Body contouring is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps to reshape and sculpt the body, giving you a slimmer, more toned appearance. We use a combination of the T-Shape and Hifem machine aswell as fat dissolving injections to acheive incredible results. Our expert practitioners use cutting-edge techniques to safely and effectively remove stubborn fat deposits, leaving you with a more streamlined silhouette.

  • Mole, Lipoma, Cyst and Skin Tag Removal

    Moles, lipomas, cysts and skin tags can also be removed safely and effectively at our clinic. Our specialists use the latest techniques and equipment to remove these growths with minimal discomfort and scarring

  • Fungal Nail Treatment

    For those dealing with fungal nail infections, our clinic now offers the latest in laser treatment technology, helping to effectively treat even the toughest of cases. We have had 100% success rate and will guarantee our results.

  • Wart Removal

    Warts can be unsightly and uncomfortable, but at Revitalise London Dermatology Clinic, we offer fast and effective wart removal services. Our specialists use a range of techniques to remove warts, including cryotherapy, electrocautery, and surgical excision, to ensure that you get the best results possible.

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